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Krispy Kreme has all sorts of problems

September 23, 2008

Krispy Kremes doughnuts, a perennial “wall-street favorite,” according to reuters, has been experiencing severe financial trouble recently as a result of rising fuel and commodity costs, in addition to growing concerns over obesity. Also, they seem to be have had past trouble with their public relations department, as evidenced by the video on the next page. Watch the logo closely.


It’s curious how the power of the Krispy Kreme brand can make me sad for something that I should be opposed to on all sorts of levels. Their doughnuts are essentially little discs of corn responsible for swelling huge swaths of the population, and yet they seem so charmingly American. Maybe if we are to be defending American food culture, this is the kind of thing we are going to find.

Krispy Kremes: not the treat it once was

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