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PETA Will Milk You

September 25, 2008

Sometimes, and I speak from experience, people act like idiots. Vegans, possibly, more often than others. Note the letter that PETA recently wrote to the eponymous Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, urging them to discontinue use of cows milk in their ice cream. And replace it with breast milk. From human women. They got the idea from the Swiss.

PETA, you will recall, is the same organization that seems to take every opportunity they can to incorporate naked women into their protest against clothed women – from their annual State of the Union Undress, to the “I’d rather go naked then wear fur” campaign, to putting naked women in cages because they do that to tigers at the circus.

Of course, the conventional dairy system is cruel, wasteful and environmentally irresponsible, and so PETA’s complaints about an ostensibly environmentally conscious corporation using industrially produced milk are valid. Perhaps a move to sustainably produced and humanely extracted dairy would be good for the environment and our souls. PETA, though, seems to feel it’s a better idea to nix the whole cow thing and just start farming women.

Ben and Jerry both respectfully declined.

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