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Farm Update, Friday September 26

September 26, 2008

It was raining today. There was water coming from the sky, and it was hitting us on the ground. We were undisturbed. Timo, Sam and I harvested just the same.

The list for the day – eggplants, zucchini, radishes, turnips and basil. Also, and this is a big deal, this Saturday will be the first market ever at which we will be selling artichokes. We had about 12 good sized flowers, and I’ll be cooking one up tonight with a little bit of mayo for dipping.

The farm is starting to take on a kind of entrancing late fall wildness – a search through the vines might yield a ten pound zucchini, Dahlias are spilling over onto the bottom terrace, and tomatoes are growing so tall you need to stand on a stool to harvest the ones at the very top of the greenhouse. Also a huge tree fell down last night.

For all those that chose to stay dry today, you can take some small comfort in knowing that stalwart souls like Timo, Sam and I are harvesting d’avingon radishes to feed the masses huddled in their shelters. Don’t worry about us, we’re just doing our jobs.

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