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Farm Update, Sunday September 28

September 29, 2008

The sun managed to peek out from the clouds for a good while today,
pulling us back to memories of summer heat.  All the plants are looking
lush and vibrant after the steady rains earlier this weekend, though
unfortunately the wet weather helped to bolster up the weeds as well,
and it seems they’re beginning to recover from our major overhaul
during the Pavilion raising.  

We set to work on the streetside bed, weeding the paths and the beds in the most distress.  Scuffle hoes and rakes made quick work of larger clumps, and then it was down to hands and knees to weed among the greens.

The rains on Friday slowed the harvest, so there were quite a few
plants ready to come up today.  Wading through the squash patch yielded
seven giant zucchini, and it looks like there are more on the way.  On
the upper terrace, we pulled up a bed of overgrown radishes, then
washed and distributed them amongst the volunteers.  Nice to not see
the food go to waste, though it does beg a question: what does one
do with a bag full of radishes?  One suggested salad toppings, another
liked to eat them with a bit of mustard on top.  Comment and leave your
ideas, because we’ve still got radishes waiting to be harvested!

-Adam Walker

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  1. Zsofia permalink
    September 30, 2008 1:34 am

    Radishes are delicious in a salad with tart apples and red onions, all thinly sliced. Three simple ingredients, add some lemon juice while you slice the apples to keep from browning, and top with a dressing made of plain yogurt with a touch of lemon juice or red wive vinegar, some spicy/dijon mustard, bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and some fresh herbs or dried Herbs de Provence. You could try the main ingredients diced as well, but I love thinly sliced radishes, yum.

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