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Farm Update, Wednesday October 1st

October 2, 2008

The red leaves of our chestnut tree are scattered through the grass and carrots are starting to stick through cool soil. The hoop house has become a wild jungle of what once resembled tomatoes. It’s fall. There’s work to be done.

Much of today’s workday was spent  doing a final clean up from the pavilion raising and cleaning the prop house for Friday’s harvest.  Jill and I also cleared radishes from the streetside bed, harvested the last summer melons, picked the last bouquets of coxcomb, and cleared away a bed of pole beans. In the next few weeks we will spend our time clearing away more beds and mulching in preparation for the winter.
In the spirit of gardening and good music, I’d like to share a song for the week. Perhaps this will turn into a regular part of our Wednesday farm update- a song inspired by the day’s work. Watching Brenden and his team put the finishing touches on the pavilion today, I couldn’t help but sing along to Thao with the Get Down Stay Down’s  “Bag of Hammers.” Hope you enjoy.
Shake shake shake the frame of this house, distress the wood make it shout.
-Ida Assefa
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