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Farm Update, Friday October 3

October 5, 2008


Workday, friday, harvestday, fallday.  Fall harvests in full force, we picked eggplant, zucchini, pimientos di padron, salad mix and del fino cilantro.  We cleared beds that may stay empty until the spring.   

We took up a bed and half of bok choi, four of beans and five of turnips.  These empty beds will be cleared, preped and covered with leaves.   Other crops were harvested without being cleared.   We pulled a bowl-full of shiso leaves (japanese basil) to be sold (I think) for the first time by the Yale Farm.  Two volunteers with a ladder and a bucket took down the last of the sungolds.  By the end of workday our refrigerators were full and the harvest had spilled out onto prop house tables.  Pizza from the new pizza makers was served. We filled the cabinet on the new pavilion, so the sweaty cheesy knack box is officially retired.

Aaron Reiss

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