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Farm Update, Sunday October 5th

October 6, 2008

For me, today’s workday was a real marker of the onset of Fall.  We watched the clouds roll in and then carry the humidity away with them, and the smell of leaves and mulch was heavy in the air.

Dorothy and I spent the first half of the afternoon working on the cardoons on the upper terrace.  The cardoon is a large thistle-like plant in the same family as artichokes and dandelions, and typically is harvested for its root and stalks.  Our work consisted of tying the stalks of each plant together with newspaper and twine, and then mulching the entire bed to about six inches depth.  The mulch will prevent photosynthesis from occurring at the base of the plant, making the heart more tender and tasty.  As cardoons are susceptible to frost damage, keep an eye out for them at the farmer’s market this month if you’re curious to give them a try.

To end the afternoon, Laura and I cleaned up some beds and then sifted the compost in its final stage.  As Aaron mentioned, we’ll use the compost when we prep beds for the winter months.  We’ve got a beautiful pile of dirt waiting for some willing hands, and every afternoon the trees are rich with an autumn glow. Hope to see you in the coming weeks.

-Adam Walker

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