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Guide To Buying Meat in New Haven

October 6, 2008

Shopping for good meat is a perennial problem, but luckily our stalwart director, Melina Shannon-DiPietro, has compiled a handy guide for anyone looking for sustainably raised meat in the New Haven Area. Check it out after the jump.

CitySeed Wooster Square Farmers’ Market

Saturdays, 9 – 1 pm

Every week, May 1 – Dec 1, and 3rd Saturdays Dec – May

These vendors are at farmers’ market, and you can purchase from them independently.

Four Mile Farm


Grass-fed beef and pork

Northfordy Farm

Peter Rothenberg

Amazing lamb and eggs (the best eggs you can find)

Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm

Lamb, sausage, chicken, and guinea fowl (cheese and dairy too)

The lovely CT couple who sells carefully-grown (though conventional) veggies,

Whole chicken (order the whole chicken 1 week in advance, and they dress it for you the day before you pick it up).  Their stand is generally at the far end of market

Nica’s Market

603 Orange Street

Everyday, 7 am – 7pm, except Sunday, 7 – 2 pm

Sankow’s Beaver Brook Farm

Lamb, sausage, chicken and guinea fowl

Murray’s Chicken

Amish-raised chicken from PA

Bishop’s Orchards and Farmstand

Guilford, CT

A wide variety of meats, including some that is carefully selected for sustainable agriculture practices, a great selection of cheeses, AND the best butter in the world, from VT butter and creamery.

Good names to look for in the supermarket or restaurant when you are out and about

Heritage Foods (everything you can imagine, of a quality better than most imagine, at prices that will make you gasp)

Niman Ranch – pork and beef

Murray’s – chicken

FreeBird – chicken

Jamison Lamb – lamb in VA area  HYPERLINK “”

Polyface Farm – best raised meat in the USA, mostly available at D.C. markets, including DuPont

Across the New York State Line

Union Square Farmers Market

Wednesday and Saturday

Union Square NYC

Violet Hill

Best guinea fowl and chicken on the East Coast

Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture

630 Bedford Rd

Tarrytown, NY

Craig Haney, Livestock manager

Amazing chickens, turkey, lamb, and pig.  Tasty kielbasa and andouille sausage.  Crais is testing out cruelty-free foie gras right now. Farmers market on Weds. & Sat. (double-check before you go).  The place and the meat are worth the drive.

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  1. October 6, 2008 1:24 pm

    One food label to look for when purchasing any animal products from meat to eggs is Animal Welfare Approved. This represents a nonprofit program as well as food label designed to connect the consumer with farmers who are raising animals the right way. These farmers are true stewards of the land raising their animals according to the highest welfare standards. The animals are allowed to have a life. When animals are raised this way you get the healthiest meat, milk and eggs possible. check out

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