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Cooking with Balls

October 7, 2008



Call them Rocky Mountain Oysters, White Kidneys, Montana Tendergroin, Turtles on the Half Shell, Swinging Beef, nuts, balls, or just testicles, gonads are among the most hilarious foods available in the world today (next to the tremendously disappointing spotted dick). Considered an aphrodisiac in many countries for what should be pretty obvious reasons, these particular organs have not received a tremendous lot of culinary attention for what should be equally obvious reasons. Until now. Video after the jump.

According to an article on Reuters, Serbian Chef Ljubomir Erovic, the man who helped found The World Testicle Cooking Festival south of Belgrade, has released a new electronic cookbook: Cooking with Balls.

“Testicles have been a delicacy in Serbia and elsewhere for as long as anyone can remember,” he says, “The world had to be offered good balls.”

Testicle Goulash, testicle pizza and testicles with béchamel sauce are just some the recipes Erovic has to offer. Considering that bulls are typically castrated to improve growth, this is a great take on turning agricultural waste products into food, proving once again that sustainability can not only be hilarious, but also afford the opportunity to say “balls” a lot.

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  1. October 14, 2008 8:06 pm

    I must admit… in my pre-vegetarian days, I ate some balls. Delicious. Sorry, boys.

  2. October 14, 2008 8:09 pm

    BTW – any chance you’d be willing to cross-post this on my blog? I just find it hilarious!!

    Oh, and the balls I ate were from a ram. I was in Beijing at a Chinese Muslim (Hui) restaurant. The funny thing I learned is that the Chinese call them balls (literally) too.

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