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Farm Update, Sunday October 13

October 13, 2008

Even though it’s early october, we’re still harvesting butter crunch up at the farm, and it’s delicious. It’s nice to know we’ve still got greens coming up even as we begin to set up the North greenhouse for a winter planting. In the coming weeks we’ll harvest the sweet potatoes and then set them up to cure before taking them to market. After harvesting the last of the beans near the entrance, Megan and I took down their trellises and composted the leftover stalks.  With all of the plants we’ve been pulling this week, the compost is filling up with some phenomenal vegetable matter to give back to the soil.

When Nisa, Robert, and Chris came up we started in on harvesting for a dinner on Tuesday.  We took eggplants, leeks, buttercrunch, arugula, and radicchio. After cleaning and prepping our harvest, we ended the day by heading back up to the cardoons and adding a second, higher layer of newspaper around the base.  We’ll come back to them this week and raise the mulch level to give us a larger area of stalk to use when it comes time to harvest.

The sun dropped behind the hill just as we were finishing the afternoon, reminding me that there are only so many days left before we set the clocks back and start layering up for winter.  Hope you all can make it up to the farm this week to enjoy the fall weather; I’m excited to work with you.

-Adam Walker

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