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Starbucks Caves on Water Wastage

October 16, 2008

Starbucks has told their stores that they can shut off their constantly running dipper wells, largely as a result of the outpouring of media attention behind the massive amount of water they were wasting every day. Considering how important greenwashing is if Starbucks expects to continue selling to an increasingly eco-conscious yuppie class, they have responded to the PR disaster by announcing that by 2010 they will source 50% of their energy from renewable sources, make a concerted effort to increased use of ceramic mugs, and use green-building practices in all their new stores.

So great news! What goes on behind closed doors turns out to be squeaky clean! Go out and shop at Starbucks with a totally clean conscience! Or just make your own damn coffee at home and put it in a reusable mug. It’ll be pretty obvious just how much water you’re using to wash out your pot.

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  1. October 16, 2008 6:41 am

    Hey everyone,

    I’m doing a class project on corporate sustainability. It’s for my media class so im trying to get some input from consumers. Please answer this poll for me!

    Thanks for your participation!

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