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Farm Update, Friday October 26

October 27, 2008


Friday at the farm was a productive, pleasant afternoon; we had many students and parents tour, work, and taste Napoli carrots.  Nat and I harvested beets, turnips, tomatoes, and salad greens for market.  

Bryan, Manny, Jeff, and Timo cleared beds of expired zinnias, sunflowers, and snapdragons.  Manny speedily drove several wheelbarrows of flowers to compost, barely able to keep his Stetson on.  Meanwhile, Nat covered escarole and other greens in remay (protective, translucent cloth), continuing Ida’s work from Wednesday.  Bring on the frost; we’re ready!!

More students and parents arrived and Zan gave a few brief tours.  About a dozen students and parents then took up shovels and dug trenches in the north greenhouse where we raised beds to prepare for winter planting. Many stories and laughs were shared as we worked until five o’clock.  

Lizzi and Lee maintained the oven fire all afternoon. We all enjoyed delicious pizza with sage, potatoes, beets, and the last of our sungold tomatoes.

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