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Farm Update Sunday, October 26

October 27, 2008


We defeated the eggplant wizard. No need to thank us.

We defeated the eggplant wizard. No need to thank us.

It takes about 60 days to grow an eggplant from a seed, and about three seconds to pull it out of the ground. This is something we became intimately aware of at today’s workday. Now it’s just cardoons and peppers on the top terrace, and soon those will be heading to the compost pile as well.

After we cleared out the eggplant, Nisa and Dounia set to work broadforking the North Greenhouse while Dorothy, Blair and I weeded the frisee and replaced the Remay that had blown over around the garden. We have Reemay coverings on all the greens up at the farm, to protect them from the oncoming frost. Laura joined us as we all continued work on the North Greenhouse, and we managed to broadfork all the beds, add compost, and rake them flat. By the end of this week we hope to have the beds planted, and then we’ll cover the greenhouse for winter.

Dan came by and we pulled the dead Shiso from the middle terrace, along with some old sunflower stalks. We ended the afternoon by splitting up the eggplant stalks so they’ll decompose faster, and reforming the beds in the southwest quadrant, near the entrance. We’ve got tulip bulbs in the fridge waiting to be planted in those beds, alongside a garlic crop.

There’s loads of veggies still growing at the farm, and we’ve got more big projects on the way. Workdays are happening for the rest of the semester, so head on up when you get the chance and join us for a good day’s work.

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