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Think Globally, Date Locally

October 27, 2008

Though the internet is doing it’s damned best, it’s pretty hard to outsource sex. Like food, it’s one commodity that won’t travel over fiber-optic cables. If the one for you is on the other side of the country, he or she is just gonna have to hop on a plane and set fire to small barrel of oil to make it work.

We know that long distance relationships can be hard for all sorts of reasons, and the properly guilty paramour should probably add one more to their list: carbon emissions. A recent article in Slate, using the current vogue of incomprehensible carbon arithmetic, estimates that breaking off a relationship that goes between San Francisco and Washington D.C. would be about ten times better for the environment than if either party went vegetarian.

I suppose it’s time we added another definition to our ever-flowing cornucopia of environmental jargon: locasexual.

Can you trade the health of the environment for love? What’s the carbon equivalent of a broken heart? Hell if I know. Learn how to get laid through local food after the jump.

Coincidentally, Grist also ran an article today on the sexual benefits of switching to a local diet. Fresh ingredients will not only help you build a healthy figure, but also give a boost to your immune system and thus your macking stamina. The local food movement talks constantly about building community through farmer’s markets and all that, and come on, we know what that’s really about. If bars aren’t working out, try U-pick strawberries at a local CSA.

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