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Farm Update Friday November 7

November 9, 2008

By Horace Williams


A Broadfork haiku:

Jump wiggle lean pull

Turning up fall earth for fresh

Growth after Harvest

Today was an awesome workday. I spent the first couple hours playing Yale Farm trash man and taking all the garbage and recycling from behind the container to other dumpsters behind various other buildings. I have developed a system for this: take our full dumpsters and swap them with someone else’s empty dumpster which we then bring back to the Farm to fill again. SHAZAM! Saves time and energy of emptying full bins into other bins.

Meanwhile, back at the bat cave (AKA carrot patch), Dorothy, one of our volunteers, was harvesting, washing, and bundling carrots for market. Jeremy, another volunteer did a great job harvesting the CARDOOOOOONS. We also had a lot of help from Peter and Manny, who did a great job with harvesting fennel and celery root. 

Plant shoutouts:

Cardoons: super cool veggies, maybe akin to artichokes? They grow up giant and leafy, but we only eat some of the small stalks in the center of the bunch. Some also apparently have spines on them (Jeremy discovered this the hard way).

Celery root: These guys are sort of like ugly, Rastafarian turnips, but they taste and smell like celery (hence the name). They make me think of Mandrake roots from Harry Potter.

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