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Farm Update Friday November 14

November 16, 2008

By Aaron Reiss

apple-galette1Friday Harvest, gettun’ chilly. chilly billy.  chilly willy.  But no rain! So Vivian (holler! Viv) harvested a bed of carrots which are delicious now that its gotten cold.  We harvested some celery and celeriac and fennel and mint (which came back strong after being cut fully back in the summer.  But the word on everyones plump lips was apple.  John and Chris from Sono Bakery taught an great workshop on apple pie baking.  We all learned to mix, dress and bake apple pies in the farm oven.  The people who showed gorged on baked goods and listened to John’s life story.  He became a baker 30 years ago and has since perfected the art of butter/flour flaking techniques.  hot tip:  butter works best in baked goods if it is never frozen.  Hot news: all butter sold to typical consumers has been frozen at some point, either at the factory, on the truck or in the store.  John gets his straight from the distributor.  Everyone should know that this was our last Friday harvest before thanksgiving break.  We are going to harvest on Wednesday next week and we won’t be taking the produce to farmers market.  See you Wednesday, rain or shine or snow or final paper or influenza!

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