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Farm Update Sunday November 16

November 18, 2008

By Adam Walker

363017288_7bab52b6a6It’s funny how much the force of a November wind on your face can make you feel at ease.  Such was the mood at the farm this Sunday as we continued to ready the garden for winter and enjoy the fall air.

A few of us took the wind head on as we worked to attach the last of the plastic covering on the North Greenhouse, while Hannah led volunteers for the Harvest Reunion in forming beds and digging trenches to ready Quad 2 for winter.  We’ll rake compost and rock powders into the soil before covering the beds with mulch, so that come springtime the ground will be all set for planting. The rest of the crew set to work harvesting carrots and radishes for a dinner at the Forestry School, and the reunion ended with some phenomenal carrot and squash pizza from the Harvest leaders.

Oh, but the work continued!  As the sun set, we returned to covering the greenhouse, and we ended the afternoon by finishing up the trenches on Quad 2.  Thank you to everyone who came up to work, it was great to see new and returning faces and we hope you?ll join us again on Wednesday for our last workday before fall break.

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