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USDA Seeks Public Comment on Syngenta GM Corn

December 4, 2008

THe USDA’s department of Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) recently announced that it wants the public to weigh in before it approves the deregulation of a certain strain of corn that produces a microbial enzyme that facilitates ethanol production. The corn and its progeny are currently considered regulated articles subject to notification and permitting, and have been since 2002.

As part of APHIS’s standard deregulation procedure, they want people to submit their own comments about whether or not the new strain poses a plant pest risk. There is of course, plenty of room for shooting ones mouth of in any number of fields beside the specificity of the plant pest risk problem. Wouldn’t it be great if the USDA mailbox was flooded withtirades about GM’s, ethanol, Syngenta, or any number of other things?

The form provided on is fairly open-ended, so there’s room for voicing all sorts of complaints. After the jump, some links to places with good run-downs on some of the pertinent issues.Industry Line on Ethanol

USA Today on Ethanol Problems

Anti-Ethanol Page

GMO Pro/Con site

Another balanced GMO site

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