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Farm Update Friday December 5

December 6, 2008

By Horace Williams

r_1219963187_parsnip-1Snip, Snap, Snup. It’s parsnip time at the Farm! I spent some of this afternoon digging up these rooty beauties for the Saturday farmer’s market. I also revisited the parsnips’ more colorful cousins, the carrots. We seem to have an inexhaustible supply of these guys; we’ve been harvesting them for weeks now and they just keep on giving. Some of them have gotten pretty enormous by now, and thanks to the intensified sugars caused by the cold weather, they all taste delicious. Finally, I rounded out the Harvest with a few heads of radicchio. Radicchio is a type of root chicory that has a spicy, bitter taste. Some people like to eat it raw, although it’s often grilled to help soften the taste a little. The Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder believed it had medicinal properties that could help insomniacs to sleep.

But enough about Harvest—the main excitement from today’s workday arrived with a group of children from the Dixwell Community Center who came to help work for the last hour or so. With the renewed labor force we were able to set up a leaf line and get a start on mulching the top terrace bed. Thanks to Sarah Larsson for bringing the group, and to all kids who helped out!

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