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Farm Update Sunday December 7

December 9, 2008

By Adam Walker

This afternoon the farm caught a glimpse of things to come, as the whole lot was blanketed with a layer of fresh snow from Saturday night. The low December sun beamed through the roof slats of the Pavilion as many of the YSFP interns gathered for a little winter cleaning.  After a moment to appreciate the beauty of bread and cheese, we got right to work.  The Pavilion area was raked and organized to allow for any last-minute shipments of leaves that might arrive, and we cleared the ash out of the oven and reorganized the cabinet.  One group hauled everything out of the container, took a breather, and put it all back in, this time in order.  Looks phenomenal in there, and they even managed to tackle the area behind the container as well.

  The rest of us took on the prophouse, organizing the supplies for spring seeding and getting everything else set up for winter work.  Our final triumph was a massive trash run, culminating in a little impromptu sledding down the Farnum Gardens hill.

As the group headed out, I moved over to the middle terrace to pick leeks for the staff dinner on Monday and watch the sunset.  I’ve been raring to start covering beds around the farm, as nothing says winter quite like the smell of warm leaf mulch on a cold day.  Keep reading the newsletter to find out when workdays will be this week, and hopefully we’ll see you up there once more before we all head home to hibernate.

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