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An Organic Garden On The White House Lawn

January 14, 2009

obamasgothic_medium_blogsDue to the efforts of Roger Dorion,, TheWhoFarm, and over 20,000 supporters, planting an organic garden on the White House lawn has been selected as an “on day 1” initiative for the Obama administration. It was selected over 5000 other proposalsHere is Roger Dorion of’s short proposal:

Announce plans for a large organic Victory Garden on the First Lawn with the produce going to the White House kitchen and local food pantries. The White House is “America’s House” and should serve as a model at a time of economic and environmental crisis. President-elect Obama would not be breaking with tradition, but returning to it (the White House has had food gardens before) and leading by personal example on global challenges such as food security, climate change, and energy independence.

The President elect has yet to commit to implementing the proposal, but winning the grand prize in this competition certainly increases the chances that it will happen. He’d be hard pressed to come up with a reason not to,after all it’s not like the corn lobby can try to get him to plant a thousand acre monoculture instead. Even the staunchest defenders of industrial agriculture would have a hard time challenging efforts toward food production by the president and his ground crew. It’s hard to make enemies with a garden – Dorion says that organic gardens are “not conservative or liberal, white or black, male or female, gay or straight. They cut across all lines and offer a hands-on, low-cost way of making progress on global warming, food security, health care and energy independence.”

Ultimately, an organic garden on the White House Lawn would just be a symbol, but it would be a powerful one. The attention that this proposal is getting shows that issues surrounding the basic sustenance of the first family and the country as a whole are changing from an afterthought lodged somewhere in the midwest to an important aspect of modern society at all levels.

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  1. January 14, 2009 4:58 pm

    That is really good news. By showing the Americans that they can grow their own organic gardens, many other people would sure follow suit. Mother Earth’s gonna be happy then!

  2. January 14, 2009 9:44 pm

    In an interview on our blog today, Obama Foodorama, former White House Executive Chef Walter Scheib discusses the use of local, organic & sustainable foods in the White House Kitchen, and the existence of a kitchen garden that’s run on the same principles. Clearly the White House has been converted to ethical food practices, and now is a terrific time to get the world out to the world with an even bigger garden. Here’s the interview:

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