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Farm Update Sunday January 25

January 27, 2009

By Adam Walker393649712_2d5d154a581Workdays are back!  The farm has been quietly moving along all winter and it’s ready for volunteers once more.  We have crops growing in the greenhouse and bulbs waiting under the snow, and we’re looking forward to all the work we can get done before Spring rolls in.

After fixing up the sides of the prophouse to keep in the heat, I tried to tackle the compost only to find that it had frozen solid.  One of these days we may have to chip our way in to turn it, but for now we’ll let it rest.  When Vanessa arrived, we got to work weeding spinach in the greenhouse to finish the work that folks had started on Friday.  We’re also growing Arugula and Mizuna, and by next week we hope to add Kale and Claytonia to the list.

Tom joined us and we took on the task of moving a pile of compost bags that had frozen solid in the shade behind the container.   In the process, we learned two important lessons. First, the hands get cold quickly when struggling against immovable ice.  Second, there is no ice that a sledgehammer cannot break.  We moved a group of the bags into the prophouse to start them defrosting, and then headed up to the oven to start clearing snow.  After a moment to appreciate the beauty of the farm under the cover of snow, we finished the afternoon by scuffle-hoeing the paths and the unplanted beds in the North Greenhouse to prepare for next week’s seeding.

Next week holds more work outside and in the greenhouse, so come by if you want to help with some necessary work or if you’re just curious to see the farm in the winter; we?re excited to meet you.

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