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Farm Update Friday January 30

February 1, 2009


By Ida Assefaspinach5

“On the subject of spinach: divide into little piles. Rearrange again into new piles. After five of six maneuvers, sit back and say you are full.” —Delia Ephron

Delia’s clearly never tried spinach from the Yale Farm. Along with mizuna, arugula and kale, spinach is one of the delicious greens we’re planting at the garden this winter season. Yesterday afternoon, Alison, Tom, and I planted a bed of spinach by hand in the north greenhouse. Though we would normally use a seeder to plant the leafy greens, our six point seeder was having a tough time turning the moist soil in the greenhouse so we planted them by hand,  placing the seeds in 12 rows, spaced every half inch or so.  Later, Tatum and Manny arrived to help us plant Sugarsnap and Caseload peas, which we will harvest for their shoots in late spring. Before planting the peas, we soaked the seeds in a solution of water and inoculum.  The inoculum is a black powder made of a specific rhizobia, or soil bacteria, which helps peas and other legumes to fix nitrogen.

Next week we’ll continue planting spinach, radishes, and kale in the greenhouse and we will also start transplanting our spring starts into larger pots and containers. And don’t let the cold weather scare you! We’ll be working in our plastic-covered, solar-heated greenhouses, which are an amazing escape from the frost. Hope to see you there!

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