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Slow Food and Sparkseed Support Sustainable Food Superstars

February 11, 2009

By Michael Del Ponte

bcgardenpic4The sustainable food movement is kinda like a Halloween party – it would suck if everyone played the same role. Imagine buying the perfect Superman costume and spending hours preparing for your debut, only to step outside and find everyone in matching tights and capes…boring. Diversity is as crucial to social movements as it is to Halloween (believe it or not); from farmers to activists to scholars to the people who just like carrying YSFP tote bags and inadvertently publicize for us – there are many ways to contribute. For those sustainable food superstars (or SFSs as they are known on the street) who have a breakthrough project in need of guidance, funding, and tools, I’ve got good news.

Slow Food USA and Sparkseed have teamed up to support students that have innovative initiatives to improve the food system. If you’ve ever thought about leading your own social venture, this opportunity is for you. Sparkseed and Slow Food are providing SFSs: (Specific details and contact info after the jump.)
•    Seed money – up to $1,000
•    Web tools – web site, graphic design, phone lines, & more worth $10,000
•    Guidance – personalized coaching, mentoring, and consulting

All you have to do is apply on by March 1, 2009. If you are a 1st- or 2nd-year undergraduate, you are eligible. If you are older, you can kindly pass this opportunity on to younger students or start failing classes until you regress to sophomore status. Seriously, though, this is an incredible opportunity, so check out, apply if you’re interested, or peer-pressure you underclassmen friends to do so.

Sparkseed is a nonprofit organization investing in the top social entrepreneurs of tomorrow as they lead social ventures today. Slow Food is an international movement that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

For more information, email or call 925-360-4149.

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