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Farm Update Sunday February 15

February 16, 2009

By Nat Wilson

img_1085Where ever flora, fauna, or sedimentary geology are concerned, water is critical. This winter, up until now, we had been watering the plants in the north greenhouse by hand, spraying the beds by misting water from a hose. Today is, thanks to help from Kate, Lizzie, Jacob, and Ben, the dawn of a new era – we figured out how the irrigation system works. It required ingenuity, strength, and guess and check, but we are now able, with the flick of a lever, to initiate the simultaneous moisturising all 18 of our greenhouse beds (including the two that aren’t planted yet).
In all seriousness, a lot of good things happened today. Besides our exploits with hydraulics, we planted more mizuna, arugula, and kale. In the past week, many of the things that sat quietly through January have exploded in size. The arugula and spinach taste great, and I look forward to pea shoots and radishes. Walking around outside, one can see the tips of garlic and tulips planted in quad 1 are inching above the soil. The Alaskan in me protests “it’s much too early,” but the human in me can’t quite suppress the inner excitement of seeing things growing again.
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  1. Melina permalink
    February 17, 2009 1:41 pm

    Nat and team,
    congratulations on getting the irrigation set up. beautiful. we are going to see increasing growth: have you noticed how many more minutes of sunlight the day is bringing? the farmer and the human in me is happy.

    The first snowdrops are blossoming next to the stairs: check them out. Tiny white delicate blooms, tipped with green. Fragrant if you can get your nose close enough.


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