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Farm Update Friday February 27

March 1, 2009

By Ida Assefa 


Imperial Star Artichokes, Red Express Cabbages, Windsor Favas, Striped German Tomatoes… Yesterday’s workday was a sweet taste of the many things to come in these next few months. With the help of six amazing volunteers, we transplanted over 25 varieties of vegetables in the Marsh Botanical Gardens.  These plants will all be apart of an incredible exhibit at the Parsons School of Design, Into the Open: Positioning Practice. The exhibit, the official US representation at this year’s La Biennale de Venezia, an international architecture exhibition, explores the way architects can reshape community through the built environment by engaging with community activists and addressing collective civic challenges. The exhibit is especially focused on the role of architecture in responding to social and environmental issues, and part of the show will be a model garden that demonstrates how much food can grow in the smallest spaces of our cities. The Yale Sustainable Food Project was asked to help build this garden which is really exciting and all of the transplants at Marsh will become part of the larger exhibit. The show is free to the public and opens up this Wednesday, March 4th.  It will be up until Friday, May 1st at the Parson’s School of Design, so if you’re ever in New York, definitely make sure to stop by.
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