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Farm Update Friday April 3

April 5, 2009

By Nat Wilson

369484138_72f0793b3aFriday’s rains made it a good day for working in the greenhouse. While Zan started seeds in Marsh Gardens, the rest of us harvested produce for OUR FIRST FARMER’S MARKET OF THE YEAR! Laura, Kate, Chelsea, and I collected, washed, and packed radishes, mizuna, arugula, and spinach, placing them in the freezer overnight. The greenhouse, which we began planting in December and continued through February and early March, is practically overflowing with greens, ready to harvest and eat. Following harvest, we congregated around the pavilion for pizza (nettles, spinach, and honey!) and to try out the Farm’s newest aquisition, a shiny bicycle + trailer courtesy of Yale Transportation Options (blog post coming soon).

On Saturday morning, we made it (in fits and starts) to the Wooster Square Farmer’s Market, where we sold the fruits of yesterdays harvest, as well as most of the parsnips Adam dug up on Sunday.
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