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Farm Update Sunday April 5

April 7, 2009

By Adam Walker

Another phenomenal spring day at the farm this Sunday, as we moved into high gear to prepare for the growing season.  Joe and Rachel arrived and got started weeding the tatsoi in the greenhouse, where we’ve still got loads of beautiful greens growing for market.  Tori and Dan came by to help as we finished weeding the kale, and we all moved on to prep a few beds in Quad 1 for planting.  Our prep process involves spreading a thick layer of compost across the bed, broadforking it in to mix with the dirt and aerate the soil, and then raking it flat before planting.

While Joe and Rachel finished on the beds, Dan took on the challenge of turning the compost piles that have been frozen all winter, and Tori and I started planting lettuce seedlings in the prophouse.  We’ve got a few hundred lettuce plants now in soil blocks, which we’ll transplant into the ground as soon as they’re ready.  Nozlee came by to help with weeding chickweed in Quad 2, and Lisa and Barbara lent their hands to weeding the radishes in the greenhouse that had been taken over by chickweed just in this last week.  It’s incredible how quickly the weeds can grow once the sun comes out and the weather warms, so we’ll need to start increasing our efforts in the coming weeks.

As folks have mentioned, pizza at the farm has returned to a weekly event, and there is still loads of work to be done rain or shine.  Hope to see you all soon, and hope you’re enjoying this rain…just think of all the green it will bring!

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