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Farm Update Sunday April 12

April 15, 2009

By Adam Walker

A beautiful Easter up at the farm today, including the first blossoming of some tulips in the greenhouse.  The crocuses are in bloom as well, and it won’t be long before the beds of tulips we planted in November start opening up.  Ida began the workday with some weeding through the streetside beds and caring for the lettuce starts that we seeded last week.  Rachel and I finished up this work and then started in on the Greenhouse.

With all this nice weather, the plants are growing quickly, but so are the weeds.  To prepare for a planting of radishes, we pulled the weeds from two empty beds before adding compostand shaping the soil.  Michael came by to help us plant the seeds, and then assisted with the bittersweet task of clearing a bed of bolted Mizuna.  Ideally, we will continue to cut our greens on a schedule that keeps them producing.  However, if we let them grow too long without a cutting, we run the risk of bolting, in which  the plant sends its energy into flower and seed production and the leaves become bitter and unappetizing.  No worries, though–we’ve still got two beds of Mizuna to bring to market!

After a quick repair job on the wall of the prophouse, it was time to head home.  Many thanks to all who helped and to the visitors who came by to check out the space, we hope to see you again soon.

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