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farm Update Sunday April 27

April 27, 2009

By Nat Wilson

So hot today! Both walls of the greenhouse were wide open during today’s workday, to try to get a bit of a breeze through. It was a rough day to be wearing heavy pants, but even so, there was pleasure to be had, standing barefoot in freshly turned soil (off the beds of course). Laura, Joe, and Sarah did beautiful work prepping beds in our two eastern quads, while Liz, Nisa, and Meg measured out beds in the lower terrace to the north. Later, Joe helped keep the walkways under control by running the lawn mower,

while Meg and Liz moved to weeding the top terrace.
It’s ironic that just as summer makes itself known (I can’t consider it spring any longer), there isn’t much visible at the farm. Having cleared the greenhouse last Wednesday, it’s no longer overflowing with salad, leaving only a few radishes left to pick from. There are still things growing and worth seeing, though. The asparagus is hitting it’s stride by the ovens, and last year’s cardoons are hardily coming back to life. Peas and fava beens grow taller in quad 2, and additional tulips seem to bloom every day.
Even so, I look forward to more in the coming months.

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