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In the News: nutritional info on your receipts, The Food Issue, pumpkin pie

October 14, 2009


In this week’s food news, I happened upon this great link from our friends at A Hamburger Today about Burgerville, a chain in Washington and Oregon that emphasizes using local ingredients in its foods and operates on a sustainable business model. Burgerville is printing the nutritional information of its customer’s orders on their receipts (at left)! I guess it’s time for us to know exactly what it is we’re paying for. Fast food might be quick and tasty, but it comes at a price. What do you make of Burgerville’s offer? Is this TMI?

The Food Issue of The New York Times Magazine has been all the buzz in the food world this month. Some of you might remember last year’s Food Issue in which Michael Pollan entreated the White House to come up with a healthier, more sustainable food policy. In this year’s issue, Mark Bittman writes about making online grocery shopping more efficient and more specific, to help encourage Americans to return to their kitchens and make meals together, a la the slow food mantra.

People often say that the challenge for the slow food movement and for the locally grown, sustainable, organic market is price. Well, several California food banks are doing their best to change the perception that farmer’s markets and fresh, locally grown produce are an elitist practice by trading canned goods for fresh produce and making “farm to table” available to more Americans.

Speaking of making fresh foods more available to more Americans and encouraging more Americans to make healthier food choices by picking minimally processed foods with real nutritional value, President Obama has proclaimed every second week in October “National School Lunch Week” to raise awareness about and improve the quality of school lunches. Progress?

Lastly, fall is upon us. New Haven has not made any effort to hide the coming cold and the change of seasons–here’s a fantastically delicious pumpkin pie recipe from Sweet Corner.

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