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Farm Update: Friday, November 6

November 6, 2009

The weather was cold and I was a little bit underdressed in shorts, but I went to the farm on Friday, anyway. I arrived as the harvest for market on Saturday was winding down: the lettuce was being bagged and the radishes were being bunched. I headed out with a friend to harvest swiss chard (only the larger outer leaves — the plants we picked from were the same ones I’d planted months before in August, and last until the weather gets too cold), and root fennel.

After that we whacked the life out of the tansy on the lower terrace’s berms. They’d reached over six feet tall and were falling all over the beds of leaf lettuce. Other work included prepping beds in the south hoop house and getting ready to put doors on the north hoop house to keep the warmth in and the wind out in this winter.

The funnest task was picking saffron out of the tiny crocus bulbs on the berm near the horse chestnut tree. Look out for a post on Monday all about saffron!

After all this work it was dark: sunset comes earlier now. We hung lights around the pavilion, providing just enough light for the welcome pizza that warmed our cold hands. A good workday!

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