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Yale Food Blog Roundup

November 8, 2009

Move over, Food Network. Today we look to some Yalies who play with their food, and want us to play with it, too. Blogging isn’t just for diary-keeping or news reporting: these three use their blogs to document their everyday cooking and eating.

  • Yum Yum Yale –
    Love to cook, but on the meal plan? Yum Yum Yale is about taking what the dining hall serves for dinner and running with it. From autumnal smoothies, to brunch burritos, to smooshed-together creations from the Sunday sundae bar, each recipe comes with an ingredient list and video. Here’s one for what YYY calls “Le Purkey Sandviche,” featuring Will Moritz ’12 as narrator:
  • Tung in Cheek –
    If the first few recipes on this website look familiar, it’s because it belongs to fellow YSFP blogger Margaret Tung! Her photography is great, and her recipes range from dining hall creations to off-campus full-on kitchen affairs. Each recipe comes with a story — don’t miss out. You can also read essays and articles she’s written for classes and newspapers at Yale.
  • Needs More Salt –
    Full disclosure: this is my website! When I realized that my best friend and I cook 99% of our meals together from scratch but often don’t use a recipe, I wanted a way to document what we made. I’m a visual thinker and my iPhone has convenient camera-and-internet capibilities, so Needs More Salt (something you’ll hear me say a lot in the kitchen) was born. I link to recipes from around the web, and write out basic ingredients when I end up improvising. You’ll quickly learn just how much we love kimchi, and already I’m figuring out so much about lighting and food display.

The lesson we learn from all three of these blogs is that cooking doesn’t need to be big-budget or intimidating: even making a sandwich requires a recipe, no matter how basic. So next time you’re in a dining hall, use your imagination! Be sure to share with us what you make.

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