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A Sustainable Feast of Local Connecticut Game

February 2, 2010

New Haven resident Vince Kay is already known for his Swords into Ploughshares honey, sold at local groceries and farmer’s markets all throughout Connecticut, as well as for his infamous chickens, technically illegal until a city ordinance allowed them inside city limits this past fall. Kay is an excellent example of someone who leads a local and sustainable life in every way possible — this past Saturday, several YSFP staffers got to share that local and sustainable philosophy in the form of a gala meal at the Waucoma Yacht Club.

We entered the lodge, set on the water with boats all around, to find the room packed with diners. Hors d’oeuvres were under way: there was pheasant pate, venison kielbasa, local baguettes from Chabaso bakery, and more.

The dinner continued — below we have venison chili (accompanied by a duck gumbo), a type of “venison bourguinon,” and a goose sausage cassoulet. And that’s not mentioning the various types of fish entrees. The food was delicious, unusual, and unbelievable: unbelievable, that is, that the game we were sharing was all from Connecticut.

Kay himself was curiously absent as everyone in the room became more and more full, but finally at dessert (a selection of goodies baked by members of the Waucoma Yacht Club), he emerged with Yale student Emily Casaretto and her father, all of them wearing aprons and looking only a little disheveled.

As the room filled with cheers (Emily’s father flew from California to help prepare the enormous meal!), Kay reminded us all about the importance of taking to heart the decision to eat local, sustainable food, and that making such a choice should never have to be a compromise of taste. Our meal at the Sixth Annual Wild Game Dinner was proof of just that.


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