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An Illustrated Life with Rachel Kauder Nalebuff ’13

February 3, 2010

At the beginning of the academic year, with unfortunately far more excited students than it had available job positions, the YSFP launched the Student Volunteer Coalition to serve as a support framework, to all Yale students, for projects and causes relating to food and agriculture. Because of the SVC, there will soon be mushrooms growing at the Yale Farm, there are plans to build a chicken coop, and there have been many, many cooking classes. These classes take the form of “skillshares,” in which an SVC member shares his or her knowledge with peers, whether that knowledge is about making kimchi, building a table, identifying local fauna and flora on a tree walk, or as we see below, knitting.

Here we present an illustrated post (our first, but hopefully not the last!) on the SVC’s recent knitting skillshare, led by Calhoun Fellow Corinne Wesh and reported here in drawings by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff ’13:

First: everybody gets a ball of yarn and needles.

Then: we all sit around small tables so we can see each other’s hands and talk. (I don’t quite have it down.)

Corinne explains: the KEY to knitting is to be FEARLESS! “What are these things but little sticks and string anyhow?” Then she says, “At the rate you guys are going, you’ll be knitting sweaters in no time!”

I think: how great it would be to wear my own knitted sweater…or give it to someone I really like.

We hope you love Rachel’s drawings as much as we do! To download a single-page PDF of these illustrations, click here.

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  1. margaret permalink
    February 5, 2010 1:40 am

    this is ADORABLE. amazing illustrations!

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