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Paper-cup Gardening with the SVC

February 5, 2010

Today, Maclovia Quintana ’11 on keeping it fresh when the soil outside is frozen, with plants grown in paper cups.

Saturday’s frigid weather deterred all but the bravest from coming up to the farm for the paper cup gardening skillshare. Compared to the below-freezing temperatures outdoors, the prop house felt almost balmy, and our group had a great time filling paper coffee cups with soil and selecting herbs to grow in them: basil, cilantro, chives, oregano, and others. Each participant was able to take home several coffee cups filled with a variety of leafy herbs. Hopefully these will thrive in warm windowsills in their homes and dorm rooms!

This is a great way to grow herbs if you are short on space, time, and warm weather— and have an excess of paper coffee cups! It’s also a good way to start seedlings for eventual planting in outdoor gardens. And fresh herbs can make all the difference when cooking: imagine grabbing a handful of basil, straight off the plant, to garnish a salad.

Thanks to everyone who came out for this! And for more tips on indoor gardening, check out <a href=””>this</a> YSFP guide to keeping your plants alive throughout the winter.

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