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Better Know a Farm Manager: Laura Blake, JE ’12

February 23, 2010

Winter is in full force at the Farm. The steamy hoop houses are growing greens, many of the outside beds are covered in Reemay to keep in warmth and moisture in the snow, and the Farm Managers’ plans are well underway as they plan the new season come spring.

What better time to get to know them? We’ve concocted a little Q&A to pass the cold months and to get to know an amazing bunch of people who are so passionate about food. First in our series of six is Laura Blake, a sophomore who’s spending this semester in London but spent all of last summer and last semester at the Farm. I might argue that no one loves kale as much as Laura. Enjoy!

Laura Blake, Jonathan Edwards College 2012

What made you want to be a farm manager?
I wanted to learn and teach about growing food that is healthy for our
environment, our bodies, and our community.

What’s your favorite vegetable?
Snap beans

What’s your favorite dish to cook?
Right now kale with anything!

What fruit or veggie best typifies you?
Hopefully not a parsnip.

Describe a fun/hard/exceptional story from working at the Farm.
One day that really sticks out is from the summer, when a group from New Haven’s Youth at Work program came to the farm and it was pouring rain.  They were so awesome, even though it was a tough day, and it was exciting to work with a group of young people who were engaging with agriculture.

What’s your favorite food cause? Why?
School gardens, because it’s the best way to ensure all children can learn about healthy food and engage with the environment.

Tell us about other work you’ve done in the world of food and farming.
Interning and farm managing is all so far, but I hope to spend my summer working in agriculture or food justice.

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