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Announcing the Yale Farm Summer Internship

February 25, 2010

We’ve been learning a lot  about the students who help run the Farm with our Better Know a Farm Manager series, and speaking of working at the Farm, we recently opened up applications for the Yale Farm’s summer internship. The facts are simple: 12 weeks of work from June to early August, a $4000 stipend, full-time work.

The reality of the internship, however, is so much harder to explain. I’m biased because I did this last summer — fellow intern Joe at the Yale Herald’s BullBlog explained, and let me tell you about it, too.

Something magical happens at the Farm when you put together six students, 8 hours of work per day, and an acre of incredibly lush plant rows. There are so many levels to what you will learn.

As the temperatures rise, the hours lengthen, and the conversations deepen, you will become incredibly close to those other five interns. As you laugh and talk at lunch, you will eat unbelievable amounts of bread, peanut butter, jam, and hummus alongside lettuce you harvested minutes earlier.

You will become incredibly close to the Farm, learning about the perslane-ridden plant beds, the French-drained soil, and the specific ailments of each plant as if they were a second language.

You will become part of the larger community of farmers at Market on Saturdays, selling produce to customers and maybe swapping some extra lettuce at the end with the farmer at the adjacent stand.

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn about the New Haven community and become connected to its food and work cycles: children will visit the farm and learn to spread leaf mulch around the rows of eggplant. Senior citizens and people in their 20s alike show up on Fridays for open workdays. Harvesting produce becomes as much about sharing as about selling.

I can’t stress how much the internship changed my attitudes toward food, work, and community for the better. I mean it when I say that it’s the best summer experience you could possibly have. Again, the application is due on March 5, and is available at I hope you apply! Feel free to contact me with questions.

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