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Signs of Spring — Time on the Beach and in the Kitchen

March 17, 2010

Our very own Margaret Tung visits the South and get a preview of the sunny early spring that the Northeast hasn’t quite reached yet.

This spring break I drove down from New Haven to mostly-sunny Hilton Head, South Carolina with four friends of mine. We stopped in Virginia for a night on the way there and back, and boy was I glad we made a pit stop — a non-stop sixteen hour drive would have killed me. Naturally, after being cooped up in a small compact car with four other girls for hours, I was really happy at the nice weather in Hilton Head so I could MOVE AROUND! My friends and I rode bikes every morning down nice, wooded neighborhood trails, went to the beach, and split our time indoors between the kitchen and the hot tub. I’d never seen Spanish moss before, and on my bike rides I caught it hanging from all sorts of trees, making them look like weeping willows.

After our first full day on the island we celebrated our stay by cooking a make-shift Southern meal of cornbread, Hoppin’ John, collard greens, and BBQ chicken. Of course we didn’t take the time to make authentic collards and we grilled rather than barbecued the chicken, but it was all in the right spirit and it tasted darn good. I have to say I had the perfect pre-cursor to Spring: the sand, the sun, lovely friends, a well-stocked kitchen, and the charms of the Deep South swept me into quite a wonderful mood. Now if only this dreaded rain would stop!

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