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Better Know a Pizza Maker: Isabel Polon ’11

April 12, 2010

Pizza maker extraordinaire Isabel Polon has worked on a goat farm, managed a bevy of students with off-campus kitchens to make apple pie and collard greens for 300 at last year’s pig roast, and is not afraid to tell you to stop munching on the pizza toppings.

Isabel Polon, Silliman ’11, English and Art

What made you want to be a pizza maker?
I go to a farm every summer with my family in northern California that is equipped with its very own pizza oven.  When I was informed that Yale’s farm had one too, I knew it must be fate.

What’s your favorite vegetable?
Baby broccoli.

What’s your favorite dish to cook?
Chicken Kiev.

What fruit or veggie best typifies you?

Describe a fun/hard/exceptional story from working at the Farm.
When the YSFP’s advisory board met a few weeks ago, the Atlantic Monthly’s food editor Corby Kummer told us, “This pizza was delicious – not a word I use often.”

What’s your favorite food cause? Why?
For me, the best way to help with all “food causes” is by buying and eating the freshest around, because it reminds me that even though dealing with the problems of our food system can be hard, there are positively delicious rewards pending.

Tell us about other work you’ve done in the world of food and farming.
I have spent time working on several other organic farms on the west coast including a vineyard and a goat farm.

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