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Farm Update, Friday October 31

November 2, 2008

By Aaron Reiss

Celeriac is a weird vegetable.  It’s a big knot of a root that supposedly tastes like celery.  Honestly, I’ve never heard of it, but I’m amped to slice it up and see what it’s like.  heard that it’s good shredded with vinegar and sugar and carrots, but I’ll keep the blogosphere posted.

Today was a busy day.  Aside from our last minute harvest of swiss chard, beets, parsley, celeriac, lettuce, and carrots (they are finally getting sweet), we did a lot of work on the greenhouses. 

 ~Sub thought:  Everyone should try a carrot fresh out of the ground, especially if you’ve only had store bought carrots.  In the store you have to cut of the top because it’s black and dry.  Fresh, you can eat all the way up, and even chomp on the greens. And that little point where orange becomes green has a completely unique taste, like licorice carrots.  TASTE IT.  I’m surrious.  Little farm secret for you.~

 In other work, Some seasoned volunteers finished shaping all the bed in the northern most greenhouse, which now looks great is ready for planting.  Another group of volunteers tore out all the old sungold tomato plants from the southern most greenhouse.  We also cleared out the flower quad completely.  After work, we carved pumpkins, many different varieties.  And we ate pumpkin pizza with pumpkin seeds.  Also, the pizza makers made dessert pizzas with raisins, jam, cinnamon, and sugar.  Everyone loved those.  All in all, everyone got to see different kinds of pumpkins they had never seen before.  

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  1. Sarah permalink
    November 3, 2008 1:48 pm

    My favorite food blog tells me celeriac is good for this delicious-looking soup:

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